Welcome to ADZcoin and ADZbuzz project

We are changing the world of social media and web advertising.

ADZbuzz and ADZcoin solve problems for Web Publishers, Advertisers, Online Business Seekers, Bloggers and People Raising Funds with Bitcoin Lifestyle while entertaining Regular Internet Users.

What is ADZcoin?

ADZcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency (digital money) that can be traded for Bitcoin/cash or that can be replaced for advertising space on the ADZbuzz network. Every ADZcoin represents part of the daily ad inventory on the fast growing ADZbuzz network, giving it the intrinsic value. Advertisers pay billions of Dollars for ad space elsewhere but with ADZcoin they can swap them for lifelong ad credits on the ADZbuzz network, i.e., pay once, advertise forever.

What is ADZbuzz?

ADZbuzz is a social network that serves various groups of people.
It's a Content Discovery Platform that allows people to discover and follow interesting contents in numerous categories. Unlike many other content discovery platforms, we accept betting/gambling articles like this piece from Kryptoszene. (https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-casinos/
Without limitations, ADZBuzz, is a blogging Platform where people can create their blogs for free of cost, enjoy their creativity and earn as well.
It's a Business Platform where users can create communities for any website, grow them, engage with its followers and earn ADZcoin while helping publishers get traffic to their contents.
It's a heaven for advertisers as on ADZbuzz, advertisers can buy and swap ADZcoins for life long ad space. ADZcoin get sent to an unspendable address, decreasing the ADZcoin supply gradually and advertisers get a lifelong percentage of the ADZbuzz ad space in return.

ADZcoin Specifications

  • Ticker: ADZ
  • Algorithm: X11 Proof of Work
  • Target block time: 60 seconds
  • Block Reward: 40 ADZcoins
  • Block Reward Halving: Every 525,600 blocks
  • Difficulty retargeting using the multipool-resistant DigiShield
  • Total Supply: 84 Million ADZcoins
  • Shrinking supply because of ADZcoin Buyback program

ADZcoin and ADZbuzz solve multiple problems

ADZbuzz is a Content Discovery Platform which helps various groups of people while entertaining its users. Here is how we help Web Publishers, Advertisers, Online Business Seekers, Bloggers and People Rasing Funds.

Web Publishers

Every site owner can add a non-intrusive, non-tracking icon on their site called the ADZlink. This icon allows them to add an extra income stream to their site as it pays them just the same way as they get paid from regular ads. without having to annoy their audience.


Advertisers can buy and swap ADZcoins for ad space. ADZcoins get sent to an unspendable address, decreasing the ADZcoin supply gradually and advertisers get a lifelong percentage of the ADZbuzz ad space in return.

Raising Funds

The ADZbuzz content discovery platform in combination with the daily profit share can be used to raise funds by various groups of people. Its a revolutionary way to invite the entire community and raise funds without having to beg for donations from people.

Online Business Seekers

People can create communities for any website, grow them, engage with its followers and earn while helping publishers get traffic to their contents. They can sell that community for a lump sum too if they want.


People can create their blogs and enjoy their creativity without having to worry about spending on Domain, Hosting, Web Developer/Designer or SEO, and earn.

ADZbuzz/ADZcoin Partner Projects

ADZbuzz Network is an ever expanding business, the profits from which are used to solve multi-billion dollar issue created with the rise of ad blockers. The network has several projects in its arsenal, some developed at alpha stage and some in pipeline waiting for their turn.
  • ADZbuzz Services (Live) - Fiverr-like marketplace where people can order micro-tasks from other users at a cheap rate. Everything from article writing to design can be ordered.
  • ADZbuzz Tifostarter (WIP) - A 100% unique and free platform where football fans can raise funds in ADZcoin to support the creation of tifos in football stadiums.
  • ADZbuzz Savers (Live but require improvement) - A Price Comaprison site helping users to buy products at best rates
  • ADZbuzz Exchange (ADZ purchase with BTC live) - An exchange where Bitcoin and other Alt coins can be traded.
  • ADZbuzz Native Ad Network (Alpha release) - Where Publishers can put our ad code on their website, display ads and earn
  • ADZbuzz Pay (Live but require feature addition) - A Payment Gateway to send and receive payments in ADZcoin
  • ADZbuzz Titan (Alpha release) - All in one earnings platform where ADZbuzz members can increase their daily ADZcoin earnings from up to 20 different sources.

Timeline and Roadmap

  1. Nov 2015

    ADZcoin - Decentralized cryptocurrency

  2. Jan 2016

    ADZbuzz - content discovery platform

    ADZbuzz lounge - Facebook type timeline

    ADZbuzz social timeline - See what content your friends shared

  3. Feb 2016

    ADZbuzz web wallet - securely store your coins on ADZbuzz

  4. March 2016

    ADZbuzz Pay (Alpha) - Payment gateway similar to Coinpayments.net

  5. May 2016

    ADZbuzz communities - help publishers grow their audience

  6. July 2016

    Referral System - Get paid more to refer others to ADZbuzz

  7. Aug 2016

    ADZbuzz forum - discussion forum connected to ADZbuzz

  8. Oct 2016

    Team Expansion - Employing 10 people full-time

  9. Nov 2016

    ADZbuzzer - social share feature just as facebook, twitter etc.

  10. Dec 2016

    ADZbuzz Savers (Alpha) - Price comparison site

  11. Jan 2017

    ADZlink - small icon that pays publishers just as regular ads

  12. Feb 2017

    ADZnouncer - Post your new content on ADZbuzz easily

  13. Mar 2017

    ADZbuzz makeover - Complete redesign and restructure of the ADZbuzz platform

  14. Apr 2017

    ADZbuzz Ad Credits - Get Lifelong ad space on ADZbuzz Network

    ADZbuzz Publishers - native ad network integrated into ADZbuzz (Alpha stage)

  15. May 2017

    ADZbuzz indirect donations - Burn address decreasing the ADZcoin supply

  16. June 2017

    ADZbuzz DFY ads - let us advertise and earn daily ADZ

    ADZbuzz hosting - Web hosting that supports the ADZbuzz Project

  17. July 2017

    Referral contest - Earn VIP spots by referring members that buyADZ

    ADZbuzz exchange - buy ADZ on ADZbuzz in 3 steps automatically (sell walls coming as well)

    ADZbuzz Services - Fiverr-like services marketplace

  18. Aug 2017

    ADZbuzz Titan - Earn from more than 20 opportunities every day in ADZcoin

    ADZbuzz Tifostarter - Raise funds for your favorite football team

    100K+ ADZbuzz members - Aim to get more than 10% active and logging in daily

  19. Sept 2017

    ADZbuzz Shop market - Etsy-like site focusing on ADZcoin accepting merchants

  20. Oct 2017

    ADZbuzz Savers (Beta) - Launch of price comparison site to the public

  21. Nov 2017

    Optimisation of ADZbuzz to make it easy to find and follow fovorite contents

    Started Selling ADZbuzz Starter Communities providing opportunity to create an easy online business

  22. Dec 2017

    Building ADZbuzz Communities Marketplace to allow people to buy and sell communities for lump sum

  23. January 2018

    Building the RSS automation feature to automaticaly include new contents from website into communities

  24. Feb 2018

    Expanding ADZbuzz exchange to add other crypto currency pairs

  25. May 2018

    Going out of Beta stage

  26. 2019

    Unlimited exponential growth

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team members

Jens Steyaert

Founder of ADZ Network

Darwin Jayme

Senior Web Developer, Systems and Architecture

Jeryl Timbobolan

Senior Web Developer, Operations and Management

Ivan Clint Pabelona

Senior Web Developer, Server Administration

Kirby Capangpangan

Web Developer, Frontend-Backend

Dimar Manigao

Web Developer, previously worked on the Coinjar program

Mcrupert Onrejas

Web Developer, Frontend-Backend

Victor Tagupa Jr.

Full Stack Web Application Developer

Cris Lainez

App Developer previously worked on Bitcoin Revolution

Asim Afzal

Co-founder of ADZ Network, ADZ Thread Administrator

Mohit Mishra

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Tony Pescatore

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Chaitanya Rane

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Robert Janeczko

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Amanda Russell

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Mitchell Bettencourt

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Shubhra Pokhariya

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Nuno Silva

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Rajhamsan Iyer

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Ed Lopez

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Arthur Wong

Co-founder of ADZ Network, Ambassador — Malaysia

James DeMarco

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Benjamin Hübner

Co-founder of ADZ Network, Marketing — Germany

Panayiotis Kiliaris

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Eugene Zavarzin

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Alexander Ivanov

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Chandrasekaran Rajamani

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Michael Baker

Co-founder of ADZ Network

Tan Yek Chin


Vasanth Shetty


Loreen Estillore

Promotions and Marketing

Tatiana K.

Support Manager